Yachtify Soars, Leaves Terra Luna and Shiba Inu Behind

• Yachtify (YCHT) is revolutionizing yacht ownership with a unique marketplace allowing investors to buy, sell and rent real-world yachts.
• Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) has seen a persistent downward trend despite its testnet upgrade.
• Shiba Inu (SHIB) has been left trailing in the wake of YCHT’s unprecedented rise.

The Rise of Yachtify (YCHT)

Yachtify (YCHT) is transforming yacht ownership with its innovative marketplace that enables anyone to invest in fractions of boats and earn passive income. The native YCHT token allows investors to purchase fractional NFTs representing physical yachts, insured and securely stored in ports worldwide. The project has undertaken a thorough KYC process and liquidity will be locked forever. Team tokens are locked for 3 years, ensuring the long-term commitment of the project to success.

Terra Luna Classic (LUNC)

Despite recent efforts to revitalize the Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) project through the testnet upgrade to version 2.0.0, it failed to bolster its value in the market resulting in a persistent downward trend. Investors and enthusiasts are questioning if this upgrade was effective enough or not.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Left Trailing

YCHT’s dazzling performance in the blockchain arena leaves both LUNC and SHIB trailing behind as it reaches unprecedented heights. With its enthralling adaptability and relentless drive for excellence, YCHT secures their position at the vanguard of blockchain battlegrounds leaving SHIB far behind in comparison.

Join Presale

The Yachtify presale is currently underway at a price of $0.10 per token accompanied by a 30% bonus so investors can purchase a stake for as little as $100 each NFT represents a real-world yacht that is fractionalized so community members can join the presale here: https://buy.yachtify.market/

Stay Connected

Stay connected with Yachtify on their website: https://yachtify