Fountain Podcasts’ 0.6.0 Update Empowers Content Creators With Lightning

• Fountain Podcasts has released a new 0.6.0 update which includes features to help capture new value for value users.
• This update includes the ability to fund your Fountain account via a partnership with MoonPay, as well as a new activity page, UI changes, and the ability to reply to clips and comments.
• The update helps empower content creators using Lightning and allows podcasters to avoid external sources of funding.

Fountain Podcasts, a Lightning-enabled podcast app designed to facilitate value for value transactions, has just released their 0.6.0 update with a variety of new features that aim to capture new users and provide a direct link between consumers and content creators. Through this update, users now have the ability to fund their Fountain accounts via a partnership with MoonPay, which allows them to use a debit card or credit card to purchase satoshis which arrive in the app’s wallet shortly thereafter.

The update also brought about the activity page, a feed showing popular episodes and clips. The release explains how, “This is just the first of many new social discovery features we will be adding to Fountain that use money as a signal for value.” Aside from this larger update, there were also several UI changes, such as a new content card design, the ability to reply to clips, and clips and comments being displayed on the episode pages under Activity.

The introduction of this 0.6.0 update allows podcasters to receive sats for the content they provide, while also allowing listeners to receive sats for likes on their comments or clips. This direct link between the consumer and the content creator is a way to empower these creators using Lightning, as it allows them to avoid external sources of funding. In many industries, but especially in the Bitcoin industry, these external sources can introduce conflicts of interest which can potentially even prove harmful to consumers who trust their favorite podcasters. Fountain’s update helps to reduce the potential for such events by allowing consumers to directly support these podcasters.

Overall, the 0.6.0 update from Fountain Podcasts enables users to more easily access and interact with podcast material, while also providing a secure and transparent way for podcasters to receive compensation for their content. The update’s many new features provide a way for users to show appreciation for the content they like and to ensure that podcasters are fairly compensated for the work they put in.